UFC 241: Squared Up | Miocic vs. Cormier

Jason Paglia

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 7:35 PM UTC

Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019 7:35 PM UTC

The ‘Squared Up’ series got the split last week, cashing with Luque but falling short with Valentina Shevchenko because she couldn’t get it done inside the distance. Onward and upward.

<p>On Saturday, the Ultimate Fighting Championship will invade the Honda Center in Anaheim, California for UFC: 241. Matchmaker Sean Shelby has made sure that 241 is easily the most stacked fight card of the year thus far. Up and down the card, fight after fight, the matchups should be thoroughly entertaining. However, the fight that closes the show is the fight that has the attention of the MMA world. A rematch between the pound for pound #1 fighter in the world and current UFC heavyweight champion in Daniel Cormier, and what many perceive was the greatest UFC heavyweight champion of all time in Stipe Miocic. Redemption squares up<a href="https://www.oddsmarket.com/fighting/int/ultimate-fighting-championship/stipe-miocic-vs-daniel-cormier-3787611/?mtid=126" target="_blank"> against vindication in the main event of UFC: 241. It’s a story as old as time. </a>Can Stipe Miocic redeem himself? Will Daniel Cormier be vindicated? Let’s get after it!</p><div><h2 style="text-align:center"> </h2><h2 style="text-align:center">STIPE MIOCIC (18-3) vs DANIEL CORMIER (22-1)</h2><h2>Stipe Miocic:</h2><p>Stipe Miocic is beloved by UFC fans not because of his high roller lifestyle like a Conor McGregor. He is beloved because of how normal he is. He’s the ‘EveryMan’. The average Joe that grew up on the blue-collar streets of Cleveland, Ohio. The firefighter that became a UFC Champion. His MMA roots started in the practice of wrestling. He was a standout in high school, and eventually became a NCAA Division 1 wrestler at Cleveland State University. While wrestling he focused on another passion of his, boxing. By the time Miocic was 20 years old he was a Cleveland Golden Gloves champion. With a background in wrestling and boxing he began his career into mixed martial arts.</p><p style="text-align:center"><img alt src="https://images-production-euw2-753931602578.s3.amazonaws.com/5d5474a12cd72a45c30108a4/original-miocic-vs-cormier" style="width:600px;height:441px" /></p><p>The first 6 fights of his MMA career were on the regional scene. After a 6-0 record, Miocic caught the eye of the biggest MMA promotion in the world and signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC. At UFC: 136 he made his UFC debut against Joey Beltran who he beat via unanimous decision and the rest as they say, was history. He has won 12 of 15 fights in the UFC and is the</p><p>only UFC heavyweight champion to successfully defend the title 3 consecutive times. The last time Miocic fought he lost his title to Daniel Cormier. He believes it was a fluke. Can Miocic redeem himself at UFC:241? Below is a look at Stipe Miocic by the numbers.</p><h2>― STATS ―</h2><p>•Method of Victory •Significant Strikes (per/min) •Takedowns</p><p>▪14 wins by TKO ▪ 4.75 Landed ▪ 38.10% Accuracy</p><p>▪4 wins by Decision ▪ 2.96 Absorbed ▪ 75.00% Defended</p><p>▪0 wins by Submission</p><h2>― PROS ―</h2><p>• Wrestling (Stipe Miocic might not be an Olympic wrestler like his opponent, but he was a NCAA Division 1 wrestler at Cleveland State University. His wrestling is better then 90% of the heavyweight division. He does not have the greatest takedown attempts, but if he gets you on the mat, he does have excellent top control.)</p><p>• Striking Accuracy (He is an assassin. Most heavyweights get by on brute force. He does not. He is a technical striker, with solid footwork which all stems from his time as a Golden Gloves boxer.)</p><p>• Speed (Stipe is a really fast heavyweight and it all stems from his build. He is not a sloppy heavyweight. He could probably go down a weight class and fight at 205 lbs. if he really wanted too. His footwork is faster than the average heavyweight, and his hand speed is much faster than the division average.)</p><p>• Power (Although it’s a natural byproduct of being a heavyweight, Stipe Miocic has top 6 power in the division.)</p><h2>― CONS ―</h2><p>• Chin (Stipe doesn’t exactly have a bad chin, but it has been tapped a few times and caused him to go down. It’s happened in fights that he has won, as well as fights he has lost. It is the way Cormier beat him the first time. It is worth noting that even if you have a good chin, the heavyweight hitters hit the button with such force that it causes them all to go down a few time.)</p><p>• Ground Game (Stipe Miocic might have average takedown attempts and above average takedown defense but he has ZERO SUBMISSION SKILLS. He has 18 wins, none of which came by way of submission. I don’t think I have seen him attempt a submission. If he gets you down on the mat, his opponents know the only way they lose is if he pummels them to death. The good news for Stipe is, that is entirely possible.)</p><h2>Daniel Cormier:</h2><p>Much like his opponent, Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier grew up as a wrestler. In High School he won 3 Louisiana state championships but wasn’t initially considered for a Division 1 school. He started his college career at Colby Community where he proved himself to the bigger colleges in the nation. Finally, he was offered a scholarship to Oklahoma State University where he became a NCAA All-American wrestler. After college he continued his wrestling career. He has medaled in the Pan American Game, the Pan American championships and the World championships. One of his biggest achievements and disappointments was finishing 4th at the 2004 Summer Olympics. In the 2008 Summer Olympics he was named team captain for the USA wrestling team but was unable to compete due to complications during weight cutting.</p><p style="text-align:center"><img alt src="https://images-production-euw2-753931602578.s3.amazonaws.com/5d5476132cd72a45c30108a5/original-daniel-cormier" style="width:600px;height:431px" /></p><p>With his wrestling career now in the past, he decided to focus on mixed martial arts. In 2010 he signed a contract with the 2nd biggest MMA promotion in the states at the time in Strikeforce MMA. He would go 11-0 with the promotion and forced the UFC to take notice and take notice they did. He signed with the UFC and made his debut at a UFC Fight Night against Frank Mir. He would beat Frank Mir that night via unanimous decision and again the rest is history. Since signing with the UFC, he has won 13 of 14 fights and one no contest due to an illegal substance that his opponent had in one fight.</p><p>Daniel Cormier’s career whether wrestling or MMA can be summed up in two words, underrated excellence. He was taken for granted in MMA. A happy and chubby warrior that didn’t have a body that looked like it was chiseled out of granite like every other MMA fighter around him. All he has done in his pro career is win against anyone that isn’t named Jon Jones. He beat Stipe Miocic once, and Saturday night he will look for vindication. Was the first meeting a fluke? Can DC get the job done again? Below is a look at Daniel Cormier, by the numbers.</p><h2>― STATS ―</h2><p>•Method of Victory •Significant Strikes (per/min) •Takedowns</p><p>▪10 wins by TKO ▪ 3.84 Landed ▪ 45.21% Accuracy</p><p>▪7 wins by Decision ▪2.46 Absorbed ▪ 78.13% Defended</p><p>▪5 wins by Submission</p><h2>― PROS ―</h2><p>•Wrestling (Stipe Miocic might have been a collegiate wrestler but there are levels to this game. The difference between a Division 1 wrestler and a wrestler that just missed the podium at the Olympics is like comparing a kid that just got his drivers license to a Formula 1 driver. THERE ARE LEVELS TO THIS GAME.)</p><p>•Striking (Is DC a former Golden Gloves boxing champion? NO he is not, but one of the things that surprise his opponents the most is how good of a low key striker he is. He throws with volume, his footwork isn’t great but it’s good enough, he has the power to put someone down and when he throws combinations he is always moving forward. He is quietly a nice striker.)</p><p>•Stamina (For someone with that body frame, it is incredible how good his cardio is. He has been in wars before. He has been in 5 round fights before, and the one thing that NEVER cracks is his cardio. The man has never lost a fight because he didn’t have the energy to compete. I thought he might have a problem because he moved up a weight class and was carrying extra weight, but he hasn’t. He won’t on Saturday either.)</p><p>•Intangibles (A lifetime of people telling him he isn’t the greatest, and he can’t get the job done has served him well. He has an impenetrable belief in himself that’s done him right, every time he steps in the cage and Saturday will be no different.)</p><h2>― CONS ―</h2><p>•NONE</p><h2>THE VERDICT</h2><p>There is one man that has beat Daniel Cormier and his name is not Stipe Miocic. The only man that has cracked the riddle that is DC is Jon Jones. The problem Daniel Cormier has had with Jones has been his length. His limbs are ridiculously long, and Cormier’s problem stemmed from not being able to get inside. No other opponent has presented that problem for DC and that’s why he beat them all. So, the question we have to ask ourselves is this; what will change in this rematch?</p><p>Stipe Miocic hasn’t fought since their first fight at UFC: 226. Miocic knows what DC is and vice versa. They are both wrestlers. Stipe is a serviceable wrestler and Cormier is world class. They are both strikers. DC is an above average striker and Miocic is excellent. Are there any other potential factors in this fight? I see one potential factor depending on how long the fight goes, and that is stamina. We have seen Miocic get tired before, but DC is a cardio marvel considering his size.</p><p>Listen man, I was on DC at (2.90) in the first match because I thought he had the most paths to victory, and he won. What has changed in the last 13 months to make me think that this will end differently? NOTHING. Can Stipe Miocic catch Cormier and shut the lights off? Yes, he can. I think that is the only way he can win the fight and unless you are Francis Ngannou, I need more paths to victory. DC still has more of them, nothing has changed except the odds, and in my opinion, they still favor Cormier. LAY IT!</p><h2>Tip: </h2><p><a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=bf7f64f4-cd67-4904-9b00-6ded1d41fd18&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Daniel Cormier to win at 25/33 (1.75) 1u at Bet365</a></p></div>
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