UFC Fight Night 157 Squared Up | Jingliang vs Zaleski Dos Santos: Fight Analysis & Predictions

Jason Paglia

Friday, August 30, 2019 9:51 AM UTC

Friday, Aug. 30, 2019 9:51 AM UTC

Which fighter continues their ascend in the welterweight division?

<p>The Co-main event for almost every fight card this year has lacked mass appeal, and Saturday morning is no different. The masses will most definitely pass on this fight. They might not even know who these fighters are, but this fight intrigues me. In the co-main event Li Jingliang squares up against Elizeu Zaleski Dos Santos. Both fighters have the power to put on a show, or the wrestling to make this an ugly slog. What type of fight will we see Saturday morning? Which fighter continues their ascend in the welterweight division? Let’s get after it!</p><div><h2><strong>LI JINGLIANG (16-5) vs ELIZEU ZALESKI DOS SANTOS (21-5)</strong></h2><p style="text-align:center"><strong><img alt src="https://cdn1.i-scmp.com/sites/default/files/styles/1200x800/public/images/methode/2018/06/21/2fff6e00-7468-11e8-aa4d-d2a0e82fc143_1280x720_101821.JPG?itok=xRxG-m48" style="width:700px;height:467px" /></strong></p><p style="text-align:center"><b>Li Jingliang</b></p><p>Li Jingliang grew up in a small town in the Xinjiang Province of Northwest China. From an early age he practiced in wrestling and Sanda. Eventually Jingliang would make the move to Beijing to train and eventually become a professional mixed martial artist. In Beijing, Jingliang met his trainer and current UFC lightweight fighter Zhang Tiequan. In 2007 Jingliang began fighting on the regional scene. He would eventually sign with Legend FC and 10 fights into his pro career he won the Legend FC welterweight championship. After 7 years, the biggest MMA promotion in the world, Ultimate Fighting Championship signed him to a multi fight contract in 2014. At UFC: 173 he made his debut and won against David Michaud by split decision. Saturday, he walks to the Octagon with a ton of confidence, winning 6 of his last 7 fights. Can Li Jingliang keep the forward momentum? Below is a look at Jingliang, by the numbers.</p><p><strong><u>― STATS ―</u></strong></p><p>•<strong>Method of Victory •Significant Strikes </strong>(per/min)<strong> •Takedowns </strong></p><p>▪6 wins by TKO ▪ 5.01 Landed ▪ 33.33% Accuracy</p><p>▪5 wins by Decision ▪ 3.53 Absorbed ▪ 62.07% Defended</p><p>▪5 wins by Submission</p><p><strong><u>― PROS ―</u></strong></p><p>• <strong>Wresting</strong> (Jingliang has phenomenal wrestling. Is it the best wrestling in the division? NO, not in a division with Ben Askren and Kamaru Usman. However, aside from the best of the division, his wrestling and top control as good as most.)</p><p>• <strong>Pace/Pressure </strong>(The Leech does one thing exceptionally well and that is push a ridiculous pace. His pressure is serious, he is always walking you down, he is always in your face. The two attributes coincide with each other.)</p><p>• <b>Striking </b>(His striking is solid. More technical than Zaleski Dos Santos, but slightly less powerful. His footwork is average, he cuts angles average, but his use of all limbs are a plus considering how few fighters do it these days.)</p><p>• <strong>Stamina </strong>(He sets a never-ending pace because of how solid his cardio has held up in his career.)</p><p><strong><u>― CONS ―</u></strong></p><p>• <strong>Defensive Striking <font color="#337ab7">(</font></strong>It is absolutely awful, ESPECIALLY in the first half of fights. It seems the longer he is in the cage the better it gets but he has been hurt way too many times in the first round. It is an issue.)</p><p>• <b>Strenght </b>(Although he is a really solid wrestler, he has been overmatched in the strength department before. Zaleski Dos Santos is a thicker frame who can have a strength advantage in this one.)</p><p><strong>• Chin </strong>(I don’t know if his jaw is made of glass yet, but he has been dropped a lot in his UFC career. That is a major problem when you are fighting someone with the power of Zaleski Dos Santos.)</p><p style="text-align:center"><img alt src="https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/sporting_news/db/fc/elizeu-zaleski-dos-santos-362019-getty-ftr_14ec91ia2bk6g19maf9tbtik1l.jpg?t=1417811361&amp;quality=100" style="width:700px;height:394px" /></p><p style="text-align:center"><b>Elizeu Zaleski Dos Santos</b></p><p>Zaleski Dos Santos grew up in Brazil and from the age of 9 started practicing the art of Capoeira. At the age of 20, Zaleski Dos Santos transitioned into training in mixed martial arts. In 2009 he began his pro career fighting for various Brazilian regional promotions. In 2013 with a record of 10-3 he signed with one of the biggest Brazilian promotions ‘Jungle Fight’.</p><p>At the end of a 5-fight contract, and with a 14-4 record he grabbed the attention of the UFC. Ultimate Fighting Championship grabbed back and signed Zaleski Dos Santos to a multi fight contract. ZDS made his UFC debut in 2015 against Nicolas Dalby and lost by split decision. Since the debut loss in the UFC, ZDS has won 7 in a row and looks extremely tough to beat right now. He walks into Saturday’s event ranked the #14 welterweight fighter in the world. Can he continue to climb the welterweight rankings? Below is a look at Elizeu Zaleski Dos Santos, by the numbers.</p><p><strong><u>― STATS ―</u></strong></p><p>•<strong>Method of Victory •Significant Strikes </strong>(per/min)<strong> •Takedowns </strong></p><p>▪14 win by TKO ▪4.33 Landed ▪ 10.53% Accuracy</p><p>▪4 wins by Decision ▪2.95 Absorbed ▪ 50% Defended</p><p>▪3 wins by Submission</p><p><strong><u>― PROS ―</u></strong></p><p>• <b>Striking</b>(Zaleski Dos Santos is not the most technical striker, but he doesn’t have to be. He is capable of putting anyone down, with anything he throws, whenever he throws it.)</p><p>• <strong>Movement </strong>(His movement is not perfect, but it’s more than serviceable to get in and out with taking minimal damage.)</p><p>• <strong>Power </strong>(His power is what carries the day in every fight that ZDS fights. It is the main reason why he has won 7 in a row the UFC.)</p><p>• <strong>Wrestling </strong>(His takedown attempts are not great by any means, but if he gets you down, he has very underrated top control. He can keep his opponents there, which could lead to devastating ground and pound.)</p><p><strong><u>― CONS ―</u></strong></p><p>•<strong>Striking Defense </strong>(He is by no means as bad as Jingliang, but he doesn’t leave himself open for enough for a gifted counter striker.)</p><p>• <b>Stamina</b>(His stamina is not terrible, but if you are looking for something that is slightly below average, his stamina would be one of those attributes.)</p><p>• <strong>BJJ (</strong>He has 1 submission victory in the UFC. His BJJ might be better than I think, but in terms of results…. It’s subpar.)</p><p><a href="http://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=168&amp;a=4417b7df-a48f-47f3-9b45-f79858bc083a&amp;f=3" target="_blank"><img alt src="https://images-production-euw2-753931602578.s3.amazonaws.com/5d582dcf927b95968483da5f/original-10-bet-new-customer-welcome-bonus" style="width:100%" /></a></p><h2><strong>THE VERDICT</strong></h2><p><strong>In the end, I think the deciding factor in this fight is the horrific striking defense that Li Jingliang has in the first half of fights. He has been dropped way to often by less gifted striking power than ZDS has. I do think that Zaleski Dos Santos wins this fight, but the odds are to high for me to back him. If you are looking for an angle , maybe look for Zaleski Dos Santos inside the distance, or by TKO at a much better price.</strong></p><p><strong>I haven’t bet this fight because I am looking for two props in particular. The odds have not been released yet from everything I have seen so far, but I will be looking o see what the price is on Zaleski Dos Santos by TKO in Round 1 an also Round 2. If I like what I see I might make a play on one of those props. Check for an update on whether I do bet the fight on my twitter account (@TheSpotsKegCEO). It is entirely possible that the books knows his also and sets the line at a point where the fight is a pass for me. Time will tell.</strong></p><p><strong>Go into the championship rounds? YES it absolutely can, and I am counting on just that. </strong></p><h2><strong>THE LEAN</strong></h2><p><strong><em>Elizeu Zaleski Dos Santos by TKO in Round 1 or Round 2.0 at ??? (stay tuned)</em></strong></p><p> </p></div>
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