UFC on ESPN 6: Weidman vs Reyes: Betting Picks & Predictions 'The Dogs and Their Odds'


Wednesday, October 16, 2019 10:09 AM UTC

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019 10:09 AM UTC

Former UFC Champion Chris Weidman returns against the new kid on the block Dominick Reyes this Friday night in Boston. Amongst the hype can we fine pick some UFC predictions with underdog money?
<p>UFC on ESPN 6 takes place on Friday 18th October live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.</p><p> </p><div><h2 style="text-align:center">Sean Woodson vs Kyle Bochniak</h2><p style="text-align:center"><a href="https://www.oddsmarket.com/fighting/int/ultimate-fighting-championship/sean-woodson-vs-kyle-bochniak-3948218/" target="_blank" title="Game Odds"><strong>Featherweight Bout</strong></a></p><p style="text-align:center"><strong>UFC Betting Prediction: Sean Woodson to win @ 2.20 [+120] with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=a710bfac-73c1-4a57-b441-2caf1b9f397b&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Top Rated Bookmaker">William Hill</a></strong></p><p> </p><h2><strong>Sean Woodson</strong></h2><ul> <li>Age: 27</li> <li>Record: 6-0</li> <li>Height: 6ft 2”</li> <li>Reach: 78”</li> <li>Current Streak: 6 wins</li> <li>Gym: Glory MMA &amp; Fitness</li> <li>Notable Gym Members: Zak Cummings &amp; Devonte Smith</li></ul><p> </p><p><strong>Significant Strikes (UFC)</strong></p><ul> <li>Landed Per Min: UFC Debut N/A</li> <li>Accuracy: N/A</li> <li>Defence: N/A</li></ul><p> </p><p><strong>Grappling (UFC)</strong></p><ul> <li>Takedown Average: N/A</li> <li>Takedown Accuracy: N/A</li> <li>Takedown Defended: N/A</li></ul><p>[/]{"component": "embedHTML", "code": "&lt;iframe width=\"560\" height=\"315\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/8sE5YXEKhlY\" frameborder=\"0\" allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen&gt;&lt;/iframe&gt;"}[/]</p><p>The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heads to Boston, Massachusetts for ‘Fight Night 161’ and on the early fight-pass prelims we’re gifted with a fight between up and comer Sean Woodson versus the returning featherweight, Kyle Bochniak.</p><p>Sean impressed on ‘Dana Whites Contender Series’ (DWCS) where he was able to earn himself a contract for the UFC. The sheer size &amp; reach advantage Sean holds is a problem in itself for challengers looking to take him out. The utilisation of such advantage is imperative for a fighter on Sean’s level, from here on out he’ll be up against the elite roster of the UFC.</p><p>Before the invite onto ‘Dana Whites Contender Series’, Sean walked through his opposition whilst fighting for the ‘Shamrock FC’ organization. A 6-0 record helped pitch the argument to make an appearance on DWCS.</p><p>His official debut for the UFC will take place in Boston for UFC Fight Night, but will Sean’s dominance reign supreme when facing the best of the best?</p><p> </p><h2>Kyle Bochniak</h2><ul> <li>Age: 32</li> <li>Record: 8-4-0</li> <li>Height: 5ft 7”</li> <li>Reach: 70”</li> <li>Current Streak: 2 losses</li> <li>Gym: Lauzon MMA</li> <li>Notable Gym Members: Joe Lauzon, Calvin Kattar &amp; Rob Font</li></ul><p> </p><p><strong>Significant Strikes (UFC)</strong></p><ul> <li>Landed Per Min: 2.60</li> <li>Accuracy: 30%</li> <li>Defence: 58%</li></ul><p> </p><p><strong>Grappling (UFC)</strong></p><ul> <li>Takedown Average: 1.18</li> <li>Takedown Accuracy: 18%</li> <li>Takedown Defended: 62%</li></ul><p>[/]{"component": "embedHTML", "code": "&lt;iframe width=\"560\" height=\"315\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/8CBxzoaygXg\" frameborder=\"0\" allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen&gt;&lt;/iframe&gt;"}[/]</p><p>Kyle Bochniak hasn’t had the simplest of paths during his UFC venture. It could be argued, he’s been fed to the wolves in his previous two fights. Zabit Magomedsharipov &amp; Hakeem Dawodu possess some of the most dangerous striking attributes in the entire featherweight division so, losing against this calibre of the opponent isn’t something to be ashamed of.</p><p>A long lay-off since his loss to Dawodu might just be what Kyle needed. A re-evaluation and reset of the mind can’t be a bad thing after falling victim to some of the featherweight’s best.</p><p>Yet again, the size advantage for Kyle doesn’t exist. The majority of his recent bouts will see Kyle giving up a considerable length &amp; height disadvantage, which for a striking based fighter can become stressful. Although, the experience learnt should put Kyle in a position to gain some confidence, knowing what he’s up against.</p><p> </p><p><strong>At the end of the day</strong></p><p>The longer opponents who’ve held the size advantage on Kyle seemed to have landed their strikes at will. The striking defence that Kyle brings to the table isn’t something to highlight.</p><p>Let’s not beat around the bush, Sean Woodson is huge. Yes, Kyle holds some valuable experience over Sean but, what is Kyle going to do differently than he has against guys who weren’t so large in size.</p><p>The threat Kyle presents for Sean will be the takedown game. I believe he can find some success but not enough to earn him a nod from the judges.</p><p>The first betting prediction for UFC Fight Night underdogs will be on Sean Woodson. I expect this one to make its way through the full 15 minutes, with both guys showing no signs of giving up in their previous fights</p><p> </p><p><strong>Some statistics below you may find interesting</strong></p><ul> <li>Sean is undefeated</li> <li>Kyle could be fighting for his job</li> <li>Sean has a 5’5” height and an 8” reach advantage</li></ul><p><a href="http://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=160&amp;a=9feaaf7a-d7a2-4185-974a-81ad171951df&amp;f=3"><img alt src="https://imstore.bet365affiliates.com/AffiliateCreativeBanners/Sports/General/Bet%20Builder/en-GB/UK/STD/728x90_2.jpeg" style="width:100%;height:12px" /></a></p><h2 style="text-align:center">Gillian Robertson vs Maycee Barber</h2><p style="text-align:center"><a href="https://www.oddsmarket.com/fighting/int/ultimate-fighting-championship/gillian-robertson-vs-maycee-barber-3948212/" target="_blank" title="Game Odds"><strong>Flyweight Bout</strong></a></p><p style="text-align:center"><strong>UFC Betting Prediction: Gillian Robertson to win @ 2.23 [+123] with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=bf7f64f4-cd67-4904-9b00-6ded1d41fd18&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="A+ Rated Bookmaker">Bet365</a></strong></p><p> </p><h2>Gillian Robertson</h2><ul> <li>Age: 24</li> <li>Record: 7-3-0</li> <li>Height: 5ft 5”</li> <li>Reach: 63”</li> <li>Current Streak: 2 wins</li> <li>Gym: American Top Team</li> <li>Notable Gym Members: Amanda Nunes, Dustin Poirier &amp; Colby Covington</li></ul><p> </p><p><strong>Significant Strikes (UFC)</strong></p><ul> <li>Landed Per Min: 2.01</li> <li>Accuracy: 51%</li> <li>Defence: 56%</li></ul><p> </p><p><strong>Grappling (UFC)</strong></p><ul> <li>Takedown Average: 3.77</li> <li>Takedown Accuracy: 53%</li> <li>Takedown Defended: 0</li></ul><p>[/]{"component": "embedHTML", "code": "&lt;iframe width=\"560\" height=\"315\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/Rc03GhjsmVQ\" frameborder=\"0\" allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen&gt;&lt;/iframe&gt;"}[/]</p><p>Gillian Robertson has proven the doubters wrong, time and time again. Now, she steps into another Flyweight war as the underdog.</p><p>Since her success over Emily Whitmire on the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ finale back in December 2017, Gillian hasn’t backed down from a fight at all! Two years down the line and four fights later, Gillian is the #15 ranked Flyweight in the UFC division with a chance to prove the doubters wrong again when she faces Maycee Barber this weekend in Boston.</p><p>Gillian first caught my eye when she defeated Molly McCann in hostile territory. Travelling over to Liverpool, England and walking away victorious against Molly was a test that Gillian passed with</p><p>flying colours. I lost money that night but also gained the knowledge to know that, fading Gillian won’t be so easy in the future.</p><p> </p><h2>Maycee Barber</h2><ul> <li>Age: 21</li> <li>Record: 7-0</li> <li>Height: 5ft 5”</li> <li>Reach: 74”</li> <li>Current Streak: 1 win</li> <li>Gym: Roufus Sport</li> <li>Notable Gym Members: Anthony Pettis, Ben Askren &amp; Tyron Woodley</li></ul><p> </p><p><strong>Significant Strikes</strong></p><ul> <li>Landed Per Min: 8.03</li> <li>Accuracy: 63%</li> <li>Defence: 47%</li></ul><p> </p><p><strong>Grappling</strong></p><ul> <li>Takedown Average: 1.54</li> <li>Takedown Accuracy: 30%</li> <li>Takedown Defended: 100%</li></ul><p>[/]{"component": "embedHTML", "code": "&lt;iframe width=\"560\" height=\"315\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/u3ECCBh-Qnk\" frameborder=\"0\" allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen&gt;&lt;/iframe&gt;"}[/]</p><p>A hype-train of this stature can’t be ignored. Maycee Barber has run through her opposition like no other and even when losing a round or two, always finds a way to finish her fights.</p><p>The young 21-year old from Colorado maintains a vicious striking prowess unlike the majority of fighters carrying around such little weight. With a small thanks to her parents, as she was throwing kicks and punches in karate class from age 3.</p><p>First of all, she is 21. That’s right, she is so far from her prime… it’s scary! Secondly, she doesn’t just win her fights. Maycee breaks her opponents will, giving them no choice but to fold under pressure and lose via TKO. Leaving the competition defenceless shouldn’t be something Maycee becomes comfortable with; she now faces her toughest test to date and will need more than a striking master class to get past Gillian.</p><p> </p><p><strong>At the end of the day</strong></p><p>It’s hard to go against Maycee with her impressive high-light reel but, Gillian shouldn’t be worried about taking this fight to the ground. She can’t afford to hang around on the feet with Maycee so,</p><p>the game-plan is evident. She will sprawl the takedown, look for a clinch and attempt to make this a grappling match in any way possible. How am I so confident? Because if she doesn’t… it’s quite possible a TKO loss might be heading towards Gillian.</p><p>Our second UFC betting prediction for the ‘Dogs and Their Odds’ is Gillian Robertson. Her losses have come against opposition that can provide a more strategic approach to their offensive wrestling; Maycee won’t hold this advantage against Gillian. Plain and simple, we have a class ‘striker vs grappler’ matchup. Maycee doesn’t have huge power in her strikes, she has precision and technique. Gillian is relentless when sprawling the takedown attempts which I think will be key in this matchup.</p><p> </p><p><strong>Some statistics below you may find interesting</strong></p><ul> <li>7/8 of Gillian’s previous fights have gone to decision</li> <li>Maycee has seen the judges scorecard 1/7</li> <li>Maycee makes her debut at 125lbs</li> <li>Maycee is undefeated</li></ul><p> </p><p><strong>Dogs and Their Odds: Extra Betting Predictions</strong></p><ul> <li>0.5u on Gerald Meerschaert to win @ 2.40 [+140] with<strong> </strong><a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=bf7f64f4-cd67-4904-9b00-6ded1d41fd18&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="A+ Rated Bookmaker">Bet365</a></li></ul><p> </p><p>UFC on ESPN 6 takes place on Friday 18th October live from The TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.</p><p>If you would like to check up on any underdogs or odds not mentioned in this article then click <a href="https://www.oddsmarket.com/fighting/" target="_blank" title="More Fighting Odds">HERE</a>.</p></div>
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