Betting School: Parlay/Accumulator Bets

Alex Campean

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 8:45 PM UTC

Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018 8:45 PM UTC

There was a huge interest for our 1st article regarding the different types of football bets so we are back to analyze and explain other types of bets you can use to maximize your bankroll.

<p>The <a href="">online bookmakers</a> offer over 100 betting markets for every football event, meaning that you will definitely find a market you like and place your bet. Not all the bookies have the same offer, some of them focus on <a href="">Asian Handicaps</a>, others on European Handicaps, some on special markets like total corners, number of bookings, own-goal YES/NO. Do your research and find the best bookie for your needs, for your betting style but always remember to manage your bankroll.</p><h2>Parlay/Accumulator Bets</h2><p>This is by far the most popular betting type in the world as many beginners, but also professional punters are using it. Why is it so popular? Because it can bring you a huge win with low stake. You can combine a number of different bets and merge them into one bet. The odds for every event on your parlay bet are multiplied to give you the total odds. Since you need to guess every single event correctly in order to win your parlay bet, the chances that you miss one event gets higher with every added event. If you miss one, you lose your stake. The difference between the beginners and the pros is that the beginners are using many events on their parlay bets while the pros are combining 2 to 5 events using lower odds.</p><p>Every week you will find one or more article featuring 3-team parlays or 5-team parlays on out site. Since we are winning many of them, we will present you one of last week’s winning parlays.</p><p>5-team parlay – Total odds 6.93 <a href=";book=Bet365">with Bet365</a></p><p>Paris Saint-Germain vs Lyon (Ligue 1) – Over 2.5 goals in the match</p><p>Udinese vs Juventus (Serie A) – Juventus to win</p><p>Empoli vs AS Roma (Serie A) – AS Roma to win</p><p>AC Milan vs Chievo (Serie A) – AC Milan to win</p><p>SPAL vs Inter Milan (Serie A) – Inter Milan to win</p><p>As you can see, we used “sure” bets and we multiplied out stake by 6.93 adding 5.93 units of profit to our bankroll. European football is an excellent sport for this betting type but that doesn’t mean other sports are not. If you use football you have hundreds of events daily, so you can bet from several different leagues to diverse your parlay bet. As you can see on our parlay bet, the games are easier to bet on because the favorites often hold the upper hand and go away with the win. Luck plays a major role when you bet parlays. That’s why, the professional punters/tipsters are 99 percent playing single bets and are looking for long-term profits. Online bookmakers love parlays because they force bettors to be perfect. It is very tough to guess the outcome of many events, so despite the increased payouts, parlays usually aren’t worth the risk long term. You will never head the online bookies talking about the pile of losing parlays on social media, but you can always see them talking about the winning tickets and huge payouts. Consistently betting parlays will cause you chaotic fluctuations of your bankroll, which is why most pros have the tendency to avoid them. But you can always use part of your bankroll and try your luck. Some bookmakers also offer Parlay Bonuses which give you the chance to earn an extra percentage bonus on all Accumulator pre-match bets placed. Other bookmakers offer an insurance on all the acca bets. They give you your stake back if your parlay bet falls one match short. Follow your own set of rules you’ve established when you started to bet and keep your stakes low when placing a parlay bet. Best of luck with your bets.</p>
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