Betting School: Stats Wagering Can be Profitable

Alex Campean

Monday, October 29, 2018 3:13 PM UTC

Monday, Oct. 29, 2018 3:13 PM UTC

The bookies are offering a huge number of betting markets based on statistics. Let’s check and explain the most important ones.

<p>Examining the overall level of football teams is a crucial part of football betting. Almost every bet you place should be based on this study in one way or another. How can you precisely prognosticate the winner of the Champions League at the start of a campaign if you don’t know every single team qualified in the group stages? Of course, you can’t. But if you do your homework and know everything about the teams -- new transfers, injuries, playing style, etc. -- you increase your chances of winning.</p><p> </p><h2>Clean Sheet</h2><p>In football, a team is said to have “kept a clean sheet” when they have successfully stopped their rivals from finding the back of the net during an entire game. Because we do not have crazy score lines on a regular basis in football, we frequently see one or both teams keeping a clean sheet in a match.</p><p>Example: The Italian reigning champs Juventus managed to keep seven clean sheets so far this season. They will host Cagliari this weekend and they are priced at 1.14 with <a href=";a=e605009c-af6d-4596-a06f-dbd28d37b12f">Bet365</a> to win the match. There’s no value in that bet but if we take a closer look at what the bookies are offering for Juventus to keep a clean sheet, there’s a huge difference. Juventus to keep a clean sheet is priced at 1.67 with <a href=";a=7af7edbc-c7ec-4f56-bafa-9208079a57d6&amp;f=2">Coral</a>. Cagliari scored just 2 goals in their 5 away matches and we believe they will struggle to contribute on the scoreboard.</p><p> </p><h2>Leading After 30 Minutes</h2><p>The perfect example for this betting market is the Premier League side Chelsea. In their last four matches in the English top-flight league, Chelsea were leading after 30 minutes – against Burnley, Manchester United, Southampton and Liverpool. This weekend the Blues host Crystal Palace and they will be eager to win the match and maintain the pressure on the leaders as they sit just 2 points below them. They are priced at just 1.25 with <a href=";a=32b59d0e-2bfb-43ac-987d-fd24429abae0">Betfair</a> to win this match but if you love trends and stats you can find great odds for Chelsea to lead after 30 minutes. <a href=";a=45a32028-f668-4cc0-b786-c8ac9d4db1f7">Ladbrokes</a> and <a href=";a=7af7edbc-c7ec-4f56-bafa-9208079a57d6&amp;f=2">Coral</a> have it at 2.3.</p><p>Most online bookmakers will offer markets such as "time of 1st goal," "numbers of corners," "1st team booking," "time of last goal," "who will score first," "number of goals conceded" and so on. The key stats here are self-explanatory; you just need to take a look over previous performances of individuals in any given team or the team as a whole and decide on one of the betting markets. For markets such as "bookings" or "corners," look again at past figures and review more in-depth stats regarding a team prevalence for being booked or having a defensive approach and conceding many corners.</p><p>You might also take into account match day variables such as starting XI (1 hour before the match), injured players or weather. Stats are very important but if you go one step further and you actually watch the matches and know exactly what’s happening without reading the numbers, you will definitely become a profitable punter.</p>
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