Champion League Winner Odds and Team Previews

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Thursday, March 25, 2021 4:03 PM UTC

Thursday, Mar. 25, 2021 4:03 PM UTC

With just 8 teams remaining in this year’s Champions League competition, we are going to take a look at some of the best value future bets to be made.

<div><p><a href=";a=3e56a0bf-7bdf-4fe1-b9a6-d22c7cc3dd2c&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Manchester City at 3.25 with Betway</a><strong> </strong>(visit our <a href="">Betway Review</a>)</p><p>Man City have been on a roll since mid-November and have only lost 1 game in their previous 33, with just three of them resulting in draws. Their one defeat did come against local rivals Man Utd. They face off against German opposition in the form of Borussia Dortmund in the quarter finals. As favourites to claim the trophy right now we believe they are slightly <a href=";mtid=311">under-priced</a> and would like odds closer to 5.0 on the Citizens. There are many teams left in this competition who could upset Pep Guardiola men, and believe us when we say, Dortmund and Erin Haaland wont be and easy pass into the semi-finals.</p><p><a href=";a=8ec6399a-9df1-4c52-b272-39e6428836a6&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Bayern Munich at 4.5 with Betfair</a><strong> </strong>(visit our <a href="">Betfair Review</a>)</p><p>German champions, Bayern Munich face off against PSG in what many believe is the biggest tie in the quarter finals. It’s a repeat of last seasons final, a game in which Munich won 1-0. Munich have not been playing to their full potential this season and it shows in their domestic league as they 4 points clear at the top of the league. 4 points isn’t much considering Munich usually are 12 points clear of the rest by this stage of the season. With all that being said this team can be lethal on their day and will heavily fancy their chances of beating PSG. Their <a href=";mtid=311">odds at 4.5 to</a> lift the trophy seem a fair price. The winner of this tie faces the winner of the Man City and Dortmund game.</p><p><a href=";a=df66db4b-b019-4343-9fc7-6c4f20e2a356&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Chelsea at 6.0 with Paddy Power</a><strong> </strong>(visit our <a href="">Paddy Power Review</a>)</p><p>Chelsea have been in red hot form since the management takeover of Thomas Tuchel. Chelsea have only conceded 2 goals from 14 games since his appointment and managed to beat Atletico Madrid in the last 16, 3-0 on aggregate. The Champions League draw has been good to them and they have managed to avoid Man City, Dortmund, Munich, and PSG. They will only play one of these teams should they reach the finals. Their quarter final tie is against Portuguese outfit, Porto. Its hard to see Chelsea not making it into the semi finals given their defensive strengths over the past few weeks. Should they make it into the semis they face off against either Real Madrid or Liverpool, two teams they will fancy their chances against given their frailties this season.</p><p><a href=";a=a710bfac-73c1-4a57-b441-2caf1b9f397b&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Liverpool at 7.0 with William Hill</a><strong> </strong>(visit our <a href="">William Hill Review</a>)</p><p>These odds on Liverpool to pick up the Champions League trophy is ridiculous in our opinion. They have been on of the poorest teams of all the teams in the final 8 of the competition and their defence of their league title in England is well as truly stuffed as they are currently sitting in 7th in the Premier League and 15 points off top spot. We know Real Madrid are not the team they used to be, but Madrid will fancy their chances of beating Liverpool in this tie. Liverpool have lost 6 of their last 10 matches and something tells us their going to have to perform a miracle to make it into the finals. <a href=";mtid=311">Odds of 7.0</a> to win this seasons tournament is highly under-priced and we would like to see at least 13.0 to even consider betting them.</p><p><a href=";a=4fd3c129-b898-4816-9a61-9f7e8f34295a&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Paris Saint German at 10.0 with Unibet</a></p><p>Although the French side are up against it when they face Munich in the quarter finals, they do have one of the strongest squads in Europe and have looked impressive since former Tottenham coach took charge in early January. The key for PSG advancing past Munich is to keep goals to a minimum and get as many as they can themselves, and judging by Munich’s defensive frailties this season, PSG will fancy their chances with the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar on the pitch. They most likely face Man City in the semi finals and that could prove to be their downfall should they make it that far, but anything can happen in football. Are their odds at 10.0 fair to lift the trophy? Just about, we have them <a href=";mtid=311">down at 11.00 </a>so we are in the same ballpark as the bookmakers.</p><p><a href=";a=bf7f64f4-cd67-4904-9b00-6ded1d41fd18&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Real Madrid at 11.0 with Bet365</a><strong> </strong>(visit our <a href="">Bet365 Review</a>)</p><p>Madrid are far from the team who won this competition three times in a row between 2015 and 2018. They haven’t been back to the finals since they last lifted the trophy. Madrid have been playing a different style of football this season and find themselves happy to win low scoring games, something that hasn’t been associated with them in a long time. They currently find themselves 6 points adrift of the league leaders in Spain. A low scoring two legged affair is expected between themselves and Liverpool in the quarter finals and we believe it is a 50/50 tie. Which means for us there is significant value on Madrid to lift the trophy at 11.0 compared to Liverpool’s odds of 6.0.</p><p><a href=";a=a710bfac-73c1-4a57-b441-2caf1b9f397b&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Borussia Dortmund 29.0 with William Hill</a></p><p>Although Dortmund face the favorites in the quarter finals, they must believe they have a chance with the best goalscorer in the world right now in their ranks. Erin Haaland is the champions League top scorer with 10 goals, 4 more than anyone else in the competition. He also has 21 goals in 21 games this season. The biggest concern for Dortmund is their defence. They don’t keep enough clean sheet; Man City could have a field day against them if they are not on form. We believe their<a href=";mtid=311"> odds at 29.0</a> to lift the trophy are worth a small bet if you like a risky play. If they manage to beat City, they then face either Munich or PSG, but they will feel they have a better chance against either of those teams due to their willingness to play open football. There is some small value at 29.0 but ultimately, we can’t see them lifting the trophy.</p><p><a href=";a=8ec6399a-9df1-4c52-b272-39e6428836a6&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Porto at 41.0 with Betfair</a></p><p>Porto have their work cut out if they wish to make it to the finals. It was impressive of them to knock out Juventus in the last round, but we would put that down to Juventus’s flaws more so than Porto’s brilliance. Ultimately Porto wont repeat their 2004 triumph of lifting the trophy and at 41.0 we believe there is no value whatsoever in the Portuguese outfit. Chelsea should see them off in comfortable fashion in the quarter finals.</p><p><strong>Champions League Future Tip:</strong> <a href=";a=a710bfac-73c1-4a57-b441-2caf1b9f397b&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Chelsea To Reach The Final at 2.5 with William Hill 1Unit</a></p><p><strong>Champions League Future Tip:</strong> <a href=";a=3e56a0bf-7bdf-4fe1-b9a6-d22c7cc3dd2c&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Kylian Mbappe Top Scorer 10.0 with Betway 0.5unit</a></p><p><strong>Champions League Future Tip:</strong> <a href=";a=8ec6399a-9df1-4c52-b272-39e6428836a6&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Bayern Munich Winners at 4.5 with Betfair 1unit</a></p></div><style type="text/css">.tb_button {padding:1px;cursor:pointer;border-right: 1px solid #8b8b8b;border-left: 1px solid #FFF;border-bottom: 1px solid #fff;}.tb_button.hover {borer:2px outset #def; background-color: #f8f8f8 !important;}.ws_toolbar {z-index:100000} .ws_toolbar .ws_tb_btn {cursor:pointer;border:1px solid #555;padding:3px} .tb_highlight{background-color:yellow} .tb_hide {visibility:hidden} .ws_toolbar img {padding:2px;margin:0px}</style><style type="text/css">.tb_button {padding:1px;cursor:pointer;border-right: 1px solid #8b8b8b;border-left: 1px solid #FFF;border-bottom: 1px solid #fff;}.tb_button.hover {borer:2px outset #def; background-color: #f8f8f8 !important;}.ws_toolbar {z-index:100000} .ws_toolbar .ws_tb_btn {cursor:pointer;border:1px solid #555;padding:3px} .tb_highlight{background-color:yellow} .tb_hide {visibility:hidden} .ws_toolbar img {padding:2px;margin:0px}</style><style type="text/css">.tb_button {padding:1px;cursor:pointer;border-right: 1px solid #8b8b8b;border-left: 1px solid #FFF;border-bottom: 1px solid #fff;}.tb_button.hover {borer:2px outset #def; background-color: #f8f8f8 !important;}.ws_toolbar {z-index:100000} .ws_toolbar .ws_tb_btn {cursor:pointer;border:1px solid #555;padding:3px} .tb_highlight{background-color:yellow} .tb_hide {visibility:hidden} .ws_toolbar img {padding:2px;margin:0px}</style>
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