EFL Championship: Match Day 23 Betting Tips & Match Predictions


Thursday, December 19, 2019 1:33 PM UTC

Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019 1:33 PM UTC

With the EFL Christmas schedule right in front of us, it’s easy to try and fill our stockings with reckless betting. Stay disciplined and let’s fill our stockings with some EFL betting tips, shall we?
<div><h2 style="text-align:center"><strong>Cardiff vs Preston</strong></h2><p style="text-align:center"><strong>Saturday, December 21st at Cardiff City Stadium</strong></p><p style="text-align:center"><strong>EFL Championship Betting Tip: <a href="https://www.oddsmarket.com/football/eng/championship/preston-north-end-vs-cardiff-city-3840767/">Cardiff wins @ 2.37 [+137]</a> with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=bf7f64f4-cd67-4904-9b00-6ded1d41fd18&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Bet365</a></strong></p><p> </p><h2><strong>Preston can’t rise from the away-form slump</strong></h2><p>Pundits were expecting Preston to be avoiding the relegation zone at this point of the season but instead, we’ve been presented with a Preston squad that is challenging the league leaders. Preston manager Alex Neil has done an incredible job keeping his squad inside of the playoff zone but unless the team’s away results take a turn, they could be in trouble during the second term of the season.</p><p>An astonishing 78% of Preston’s points have come from their efforts on home turf; they’ve lost their previous 3 away games and have lost 6 from 10 of their away fixtures this season. To say Preston’s away form is a concern would be an understatement and just because they’re sat in 3rd position in the league table doesn’t necessarily make them the 3rd best team.</p><p>Preston remains a dangerous side whenever they’re defending home soil but, on the flip side… they just can’t find a positive groove on the pitch when travelling on the road.</p><p> </p><h2><strong>Cardiff remain solid on home turf</strong></h2><p>At first glance, you’ll see a Cardiff City side that was tipped for a promotion battle this season currently sat in 12th position. Well, I wouldn’t take too much from that. They’re 3 points shy of reaching a play-off position (6th) and with an impressive home record, will be confident in reaching new heights of the Championship table this weekend.</p><p>The chips were stacked against Cardiff City this past weekend when they were matched with the #1 team in the league, Leeds United. After the first hour, Leeds United was comfortably counting their 3 points with a 3 nil lead and a highly unlikely outcome that Cardiff could or would return fire. How wrong were we? A 60-minute goal from Cardiff gave a glimmer of hope until the score remained the same until the 80th minute. Leeds United let their foot off the brake and it all came crashing down. Cardiff managed two goals and a red card all within the final 10 minutes of the game, giving them a well-deserved point from Elland Road.</p><p> </p><p><strong>Cardiff will be oozing confidence</strong></p><p><strong>·</strong> Preston have lost 6 out of 10 away fixtures this season</p><p><strong>·</strong> Preston has lost 4 from their previous 6 games</p><p><strong>· </strong>Cardiff holds a 70% win percentage at home this term</p><p><strong>· </strong>Preston have failed to score in each of their last 3 games on the road</p><p>After the come-back of the century last weekend, Cardiff should have no problem in the confidence department heading into this week’s home clash with Preston. When playing against teams with a bottom half away record, Cardiff has won them all. I don’t see a significant change happening with Alex Neil’s men that can make a considerable difference against a Cardiff side who defend their home turf with pride.</p><p>With everything taken into consideration, the only EFL betting prediction I visualise becoming a reality for this game will be a Cardiff City victory.</p><p><strong>EFL Championship Prediction/Tip: Cardiff City wins @ [2.37] [+137] with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=bf7f64f4-cd67-4904-9b00-6ded1d41fd18&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Bet365</a></strong></p><h2> </h2><div> </div><div> </div><h2 style="text-align:center"><strong>Middlesbrough vs Stoke City</strong></h2><p style="text-align:center"><strong>Friday, December 20th at Riverside Stadium</strong></p><p style="text-align:center"><strong>EFL Championship Betting Tip: Middlesbrough draw no bet @ 2.10 [+110] with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=4fd3c129-b898-4816-9a61-9f7e8f34295a&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Unibet</a></strong></p><p style="text-align:center"><img alt src="https://brightcove04pmdo-a.akamaihd.net/4221396001/4221396001_5826762313001_5826758808001-vs.jpg?pubId=4221396001&amp;videoId=5826758808001" style="width:90%" /></p><h2>Boro make mince-meat of the bottom tier clubs</h2><p>Middlesbrough has yet to find victory on the road this season but, their home record doesn’t reflect a side that is sat in 18th position. A recent 4-game unbeaten streak has kept Boro from falling into the dreaded relegation zone but if Jonathon Woodgate’s men don’t find strong form home and away, it could spell trouble for the boys in red.</p><p>A more recognisable scenario for Boro this Friday should give them a ray of hope; when playing teams inside the bottom 8 (at home) Boro has an undefeated record and a 100% win rate with a score-line that is 1-0.</p><p> </p><h2>Battle at the bottom</h2><p>Stoke City head into Friday night’s clash with Boro with little hope for any success this season. Their main focus since October has been to pull themselves out of the relegation zone. Michael O’Neil was appointed as the manager who could help Stoke rejuvenate them before it’s too late, but will their anguish continue after Friday night?</p><p>When playing away from home, Stoke has lost 70% of their games and drawn the majority of the rest. The pressure levels are at an all-time high for Stoke, but it’s going to be a struggle taking on a Boro side who’ve found some decent form in recent weeks.</p><p> </p><h2><strong>Boro shouldn’t lose</strong></h2><p><strong>· </strong>Middlesbrough have a 100% 1-0 score-line record this season</p><p><strong>· </strong>Stoke have lost 70% of their away fixtures this season</p><p><strong>· </strong>Middlesbrough have a perfect home record against teams in the bottom eight</p><p>Another factor that doesn’t bode well for Stoke is their record at Riverside. Boro has won back to back games over their companion bottom five side. Stoke have failed to even reach the score-sheet in 40% of their road trips and with Boro’s impressive goal and win record at home, it’ll be surprised to see anything other than a win or draw for the home side.</p><p>The goals market sounds tempting with a clash I expect to reveal very few goals, but with little value being given I’ll take a shot on the ‘draw no bet’ market.</p><p><strong>EFL Championship Betting Tip: Middlesbrough draw no bet @ 2.10 [+110] with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=4fd3c129-b898-4816-9a61-9f7e8f34295a&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Unibet</a></strong></p><p style="text-align:center"><a href="http://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=160&amp;a=9feaaf7a-d7a2-4185-974a-81ad171951df&amp;f=3"><img alt src="https://imstore.bet365affiliates.com/AffiliateCreativeBanners/Sports/General/Bet%20Builder/en-GB/UK/STD/970x250_2.jpeg" style="width:100%" /></a></p><h2>Extra Football bets, tips &amp; predictions</h2><div> </div><p><u><strong>EFL Championship predictions 21.12.19</strong></u></p><p>Fulham/Leeds under 2.5 @ 2.11 [+111] with Marathon Bet</p><p>Millwall wins vs Barnsley @1.90 [-110] with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=acd6b93a-905e-45af-90ef-7eb1df661829&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Coral</a></p><p>Reading vs Derby - draw @ 3.40 [+240] with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=a710bfac-73c1-4a57-b441-2caf1b9f397b&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">William Hill</a></p><p>West Brom wins vs Brentford @ 2.20 [+120] with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=4fd3c129-b898-4816-9a61-9f7e8f34295a&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Unibet</a></p><p> </p><p><u><strong>EFL League 1 predictions - 21.12.19</strong></u></p><p>Gillingham wins &amp; under 4.5 goals vs MK Dons @ 2.15 [+115] with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=acd6b93a-905e-45af-90ef-7eb1df661829&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Coral</a></p><p>Coventry win &amp; under 4.5 goals vs Lincoln @ 2.20 [+220] with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=acd6b93a-905e-45af-90ef-7eb1df661829&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Coral</a></p><p>Tranmere vs Wimbledon - draw @ 3.70 [+270] with Marathon Bet</p><p> </p><p><u><strong>EPL predictions - 21.12.19</strong></u></p><p>A.Villa vs Southampton - draw @ 3.75 [+275] with Marathon Bet</p><p>Brighton vs Sheffield United - draw @ 3.25 [+225] with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=4fd3c129-b898-4816-9a61-9f7e8f34295a&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Unibet</a></p><p>Newcastle vs Crystal Palace - draw @ 3.20 [+220] with <a href="https://a.oddsmarket.com/record/v?c=150&amp;a=4fd3c129-b898-4816-9a61-9f7e8f34295a&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Unibet</a></p></div>
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