Newcomers To Boost England at 2022 World Cup

Stuart Woodrow

Monday, July 16, 2018 5:03 PM UTC

Monday, Jul. 16, 2018 5:03 PM UTC

There's an exciting crop of youngsters coming through the system right now, and in four years they should be ready to not only supplement the England squad but also improve it.

<p>After a creditable showing in Russia, we have the chance to look forward to the next World Cup and assess England's chances for Qatar 2022.</p><p>With a relatively young squad for the latest competition, there are very few players who will be too old for contention the next time the World Cup swings around. Of the 2018 squad, only Jamie Vardy (currently 31) Ashley Young and Gary Cahill (both 32) are likely to have "aged out" by the time the first game kicks off in four years.</p><p>Bear in mind the youngsters that are coming through, like Ryan Sessegnon, Phil Foden, Jaden Sancho and others, there isn’t any reason to worry as none of those 3 older players were critical. Only Ashley Young played regularly and with both Danny Rose and Luke Young available for selection, along with any other players that come through in the mean time, this isn’t someone who will be seriously missed.</p><p>The mainstays of the 2018 squad will have had another 4 years to mesh as a team and also some exciting young talents will have been given the opportunity to bed in. England won both the Under 20 World Cup and the U19 European Championships in 2017 and by the time a ball is kicked in anger in Qatar, several of the players that won those competitions will be looking to compete for a place in the main England squad.</p><p>I’ll be honest, I’m not up to date with the Brazilians that may be coming through their system but the German and French youth systems are pushing out some really good young players right now and they will still be a major threat. Belgium will still have players like Hazard and Lukaku in their squad but a number of their team from this time around will probably have retired (or be close to it) by 2022 so I’m expecting a dip from them.</p><p><a href="http://" title="Top Bookmakers">England’s odds aren’t too bad right now</a> at 15. There are 6 other teams expected by the bookies to finish higher though with Brazil the current favourites (7), France at 7.5 to retain their World Cup crown, Germany (8), Spain (9), Argentina (11) and Belgium (13) all rated as “better” by the bookies.</p><p>I’m personally of the opinion that the climate will favour sides outside of Europe, so Argentina and Brazil will have a good chance as they are always perennial challengers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a best-ever showing from an African side either.</p><p>One thing is for sure, if 2022 provides as many shocks as 2018 then it will be an engrossing tournament and one we’ll all enjoy watching.</p>
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