Sports Betting 101: All You Need to Know about the Betting Markets

Alex Campean

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 8:53 PM UTC

Tuesday, Mar. 5, 2019 8:53 PM UTC

A comprehensive guide for both the beginner and the avid punter looking to understand all the betting markets, how to bet, improve their betting knowledge and increase their bankroll.

<p>Online sportsbooks offer a wide array of attractive bets with lucrative prices but where do you start? How do you know which bet to take, the risk involved, and which bet suits the game you want to place a bet on? In this article, we cover the most popular bets, what they are and when to take them. With this betting guide, we hope you can maximize your profit whilst limiting your risk and slowly but surely turn you into the savvy sports bettor we aim to be!</p><h2><b>Bankroll Management </b></h2><p>If you’re just getting started in sports betting, it’s crucial to understand the importance of the bankroll management. Having a consistent bankroll management will reduce the chances of major losses and help turn gambling into an investment. Money management is essential so let’s learn what percentage of our bankroll we should risk on every bet: <a href="" target="_blank" title="Read More about Bankroll Management"><b>Read More </b><b>about Bankroll Management</b></a></p><h2><b>Popular Betting Markets</b></h2><p>There are many different types of bets, the main favourites being Winners, Over/Under, Accumulator bets and betting on both teams scoring or not. The betting market is HUGE, but in this section, we break down the main markets which are the basics of betting: <a href="" target="_blank" title="Read more about Popular Betting Markets"><b>Read more </b><b>about </b><b>Popular Betting Markets</b></a></p><h2><b>What is an Asian Handicap?</b></h2><p>Ok, so we’ve looked at the main betting markets, but let’s expand now. What is an Asian Handicap and when should we use it? Is there better value playing the Asian Handicap than playing the Winners market? Why is it called the “Asian” Handicap? So many questions – let’s get set to answering them: <a href="" target="_blank" title="Read more about what an Asian Handicap is"><b>Read more </b><b>about what an Asian Handicap is</b></a></p><h2><b>Parlay/Accumulator Betting</b></h2><p>The Parlay/Accumulator bets are very popular in every sport. The casual bettors with a get-rich-fast mentality are using it every day adding 10-15 matches on losing tickets. Winning an accumulator bet is more challenging than winning a single bet. But, with the right knowledge, accumulator bets can make you great profit on the long-term: <a href="" target="_blank" title="Read more about Parlay/Accumulator Betting"><b>Read </b><b>m</b><b>ore </b><b>about Parlay/Accumulator Betting</b></a><b> </b></p><h2><b>More Types of Football Bets</b></h2><p>Beside the most popular markets (winner, both teams to score, under/over or acca/parlay bets) the football punters can find plenty of other markets to bet on their favourite sport. The online bookmakers offer more than 100 markets on average for the top football leagues: <a href="" target="_blank" title="More Types of Football Bets"><b>Read </b><b>more about </b><b>More Types of Football Bets</b></a></p><h2><b>Win Market and Specials</b></h2><p>A betting market is a selection of odds that any sportsbook or online betting site is going to be offering you on their respective betting platform. There are many sub-categories of betting markets available so allow us to explain some special ones. Choose/mix them wisely for a great outcome but never forget about your bankroll management: <a href="" target="_blank" title="Read More about Win Market and Specials"><b>Read More </b><b>about </b><b>Win Market and Specials</b></a></p><h2><b>How </b><b>I</b><b>mportant are </b><b>S</b><b>tatistics when </b><b>W</b><b>agering?</b></h2><p>For some people betting is fun for others. betting is life. Many bettors are digging deep into statistics before placing their bets. But should you stop here? Of course not. Let’s check what else you need to do before placing your bets: <a href="" target="_blank" title="Read More about How important are statistics when wagering"><b>Read More </b><b>about </b><b>How important are statistics when wagering</b></a></p><h2><b>Most Popular Football Strategies</b></h2><p>Using a betting strategy offers you the opportunity to succeed in the long term, maximizing your wins. You can test every strategy for a period of time using low stakes or no stakes. Let’s analyze some of the strategies and find out how to apply them: <a href="" target="_blank" title=""><b>Read </b><b>more about </b><b>Most Popular Football Strategies</b></a></p><h2><b>D’Alembert Strategy Can Pay Off</b></h2><p>It takes time to become an expert but if you love sports and you follow the correct steps you will definitely be profitable on the long term. Never give up but in the same time try to remain organized and always be positive. It’s time to discover some betting strategies. The professional tipsters have developed their own strategies but it’s always better to start with the existing ones: <a href="" target="_blank" title="Read more about how D’Alembert Strategy Can Pay Off"><b>Read </b><b>more about how</b> <b>D’Alembert Strategy Can Pay Off</b></a></p><h2><b>The Underdogs Strategy</b></h2><p>The underdog represents the team considered to be the least likely to win the match, the team the odds compilers believe will lose the game. The term underdog comes from dog racing and dog fighting. The loser of the fight or the race was known as the underdog. Is this a reliable strategy? Some say yes so let’s analyze which is the best way to use it: <a href="" target="_blank" title=""><b>Read more about </b><b>The Underdogs Strategy</b></a></p><h2><b>Hedging </b><b>Your Bets</b></h2><p>Despite not being invented for betting purposes, hedging is also a betting strategy that most cappers are vaguely aware of. Today, you will find out how to correctly and effectively use it: <a href="" target="_blank" title="Read more about Hedging your Bets"><b>Read </b><b>more about </b><b>Hedging your Bets</b></a></p><h2><b>Combination Wagers can Maximize Profit</b></h2><p>We talked about accumulator bets explaining how they work and how to make profit using them, so it’s time for us to go to the next level, the "combination bet". The idea behind this betting system is to reduce the risk while maximizing the potential profit: <a href="" target="_blank" title="Read more about how Combination Wagers can Maximize Profit"><b>Read </b><b>more about how </b><b>Combination Wagers can Maximize Profit</b></a></p><h2><b>Tennis Wagering Made Simple</b></h2><p>We talked about football betting, strategies and systems. But football is not the only sport you can bet on. The 2<sup>nd</sup> most popular betting sport is tennis. Some experts are saying that it’s easier to win money from betting on tennis than wagering on football. Let’s examine the most important tennis betting markets and learn how to look for the value: <a href="" target="_blank" title="Read more on Tennis Wagering Made Simple"><b>Read </b><b>m</b><b>ore </b><b>on </b><b>Tennis Wagering Made Simple</b></a></p><h2><b>Return on Investment and Yield</b></h2><p>So, you started to bet on all kinds of sports, and you created your own strategies. You are winning money and you are better and better with every season. But let’s see how good you are. Let’s discover if you’re improving or you’re just winning more because you’re betting more. Return on Investment and Yield are two important betting financial metrics. Let’s analyze them and see exactly how good we are: <a href="" target="_blank" title="Read more about Return on Investment and Yield"><b>Read </b><b>more about </b><b>Return on Investment and Yield</b></a></p>
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