Formula1 American: Round 18 Preview and Best Bets

Eric Kelly

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 4:07 PM UTC

Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019 4:07 PM UTC

All guns blazing for Sebastian Vettel this weekend in Austin Texas
<div><h2>Formula1 American GP</h2><p><strong>Sunday, November 3rd, Track: Circuit The Americas</strong></p><p>The Mexican GP last weekend was a treat to watch, Lewis Hamilton came from 3rd on the grid to go on and win the race, snatching victory from under the nose of the Ferrari’s. Hamilton hit as high as 8/1 in the pre-race odds, which we tipped up on twitter (@oblivionsports). Our overall units for last weekends race were +4.5 (+11 if we include the Hamilton tip). Sergio Perez did exactly what we expected him to do and showed up for his home GP, finishing in 7th place.</p><p>Hamilton failed to wrap the championship up again last weekend even after a race win, he is guaranteed to win the championship (just not mathematically, which is why he hasn’t officially won it yet) he only needs two points or more from the race this weekend. Charles Leclerc has taken the 3rd spot overall now in the championship, six points ahead of Sebastian Vettel and sixteen ahead of Max Verstappen. The final three races will be an epic battle between these drivers to claim that 3rd spot in the overall championship.</p><p> </p><h2>Key Stats &amp; Facts</h2><ul> <li>Circuit The Americas has been the home GP of America since 2012. Mercedes has been the most dominant team, winning four of seven races. All the Mercedes victories were driven by Lewis Hamilton.</li> <li>There has been on average 5 DNFs in the previous five races on this track.</li> <li>The track is designed with inspiration from some of the toughest corners, bends and straights from world famous circuits such as Silverstone, Istanbul and Interlagos and a few more.</li> <li>The first bend of the race has a gradient of just over 11%, it is the highest point on the track. It is also one of only four track that go counter clockwise.</li> <li>Kimi Raikkonen won the American GP last season whilst driving for Ferrari, he broke the record for the longest streak between race wins, 114 races.<br /> </li></ul><p><a href=";a=4417b7df-a48f-47f3-9b45-f79858bc083a&amp;f=3"><img alt src="" style="width:100%" /></a></p><h2>Betting Odds</h2><ul> <li>Lewis Hamilton 15/8</li> <li>Charles Leclerc 2/1</li> <li>Sebastian Vettel 7/2</li> <li>Max Verstappen 9/1</li> <li>Valtteri Bottas 9/1</li> <li>Alex Albon 100/1</li> <li>Rest of Field 1000/1+</li></ul><p> </p><h2>Verdict</h2><p>I think this weekend will belong to Ferrari, and even more specifically, Sebastian Vettel. Although Mercedes have pulled back the reigns a little on them after they went and won three races in a row. I feel this Sunday track conditions will favour the Italian team. Most of the Mercedes victories this season has come down to poor strategies from rival teams or rival teams having some bad luck, i.e. mechanical failures. Vettel has not won in the American GP since his victory in 2013. At odds of 7/2 I feel we are getting some small value on the German this weekend, he has finished 2nd in the previous two races this year and is getting closer and closer to that second victory of the season.</p><p>Sticking with the German, he has a very impressive fastest lap record on this circuit. Vettel has set the fastest lap on five out of seven occasions at this track. For him to repeat this on Sunday we can get odds of 4/1, which is way overpriced in my opinion. I will also be having a small punt on him doing the double, Race winner and set the fastest lap, this bet is available with Ladbrokes at odds of 8/1</p><p>Romain Grosjean has been classified for two races in a row now, that two races to many and I expect to see some regression from him this weekend in his team’s home GP. Grosjean has already had a DNF in seven races this season, that’s more than any other driver and the 2nd worst driver to DNF is Lando Norris who is only on 4. Take him to DNF in team Haas’s home race at 7/4.</p><p>Finally, we will have a punt on Dutch rider Verstappen. He finished 4th here in 2017 and 2nd in 2018, edging closer and closer to that race win in America. Still only 22 this is his 5th season in F1, some drivers have come out this week and said they approach Verstappen more cautiously when they are racing against him or trying to overtake him as he is a very aggressive rider, to some this sounded like they were bad mouthing his driving style. I personally find it a compliment that that are nervous to drive near him, this gives Verstappen the psychological edge and for this reason alone I never have a problem betting on Verstappen at big odds.</p><p> </p><h2>Recommended Bets</h2><ul> <li>Sebastian Vettel race winner 4.50 (7/2) 1u with <a href=";a=bf7f64f4-cd67-4904-9b00-6ded1d41fd18&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Top Rated Bookmaker!">Bet365</a></li> <li>Sebastian Vettel fastest lap 5.00 (4/1) 1u each way at <a href=";a=a710bfac-73c1-4a57-b441-2caf1b9f397b&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Join William Hill Today!">William Hill</a></li> <li>Romain Grosjean not to be classified 2.75 (7/4) 1u with <a href=";a=4fd3c129-b898-4816-9a61-9f7e8f34295a&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Join Unibet Today!">Unitbet</a></li></ul><p> </p><h2>Recommended Fun Bets for Interest</h2><ul> <li>Sebastian Vettel winner and fastest lap 9.00 (8/1) 0.5u with <a href=";a=b4150791-892f-469b-9b6a-7dfc6df0fb07&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Get in game with Ladbrokes">Ladbrokes</a></li> <li>Max Verstappen winner 9.00 (8/1) 0.5u each way with <a href=";a=a710bfac-73c1-4a57-b441-2caf1b9f397b&amp;f=1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Join William Hill Today!">William Hill</a></li></ul></div>
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