Meet The Team: Stuart Woodrow

Martin Green

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 9:35 PM UTC

Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2019 9:35 PM UTC

Professional tipster Stuart Woodrow from TipsterHQ and part of the Oddsmarket Team offers advice to anyone that is keen to get into betting on football, discusses his greatest triumphs and explains more about the systems he uses to make selections.

<p>Stuart Woodrow is the founder of TipsterHQ, a long-standing contributor to OddsMarket and a key lynchpin in Team Bankroll. He previous worked in the customer service team at BetAdvisor and now he runs TipsterHQ, a forum and tipster site that is designed to boost profits among professional bettors and simultaneously allow new tipsters to build a reputation.</p><h2>What inspired you to set up Tipster HQ and how long have you been running it for?</h2><p>When I was at BetAdvisor, we were constantly running questionnaires trying to get a grip on what it was that our clients wanted. We managed to cover many of the things that were requested, but there was always a gap between the tipsters and the clients that no amount of one-way, private messaging could ever cover.</p><p>There was also a lot of suspicion about the tipsters and I will admit I made a couple of errors soon after taking the job, but I like to think that by the time I left, I had built up the trust of the site users. After leaving, I was actually approached by two successful tipsters - one was very well known - and asked to head up a new site that would be fairer and much mopre transparent. I gave it some thought and agreed and in 2015 I launched TipsterHQ.</p><p>The site hit its first setback when one of the tipsters who had agreed to work with me dropped out and eventually ended up back at BetAdvisor. Jason Mills stuck with me though and we've been providing tips on there ever since. I've got big plans for the site as well, with a change in ethos opening up the site even more and making it much fairer for everyone.</p><h2>What is your approach to selecting bets on football? Can you tell us a bit about the systems you use?</h2><p>I work purely on statistical betting and the basic ethos is: find value and back it. There are some small things that help to tighten up the selections and bring in more profit, but at the end of the day, if you're not betting with value, you need to be either extremely lucky or extremely good, and I'm not a huge believer in luck. I currently cover the top five European leagues and although some are more profitable than others, they all tend to end up ahead.</p><h2>Do you ever bet on gut instinct or do you always follow the system selections?</h2><p>I always follow the system selections, but I do occasionally suplement my selections with my own bets. I like to make it very clear when I've done that though, as some people just like to follow the system tips. I don't blame them, as the system is more profitable than I am. I'm a human and have failings. The computer system isn't perfect, but it is significantly better and has no emotions to get in the way.</p><h2>What have been some of your biggest successes as a tipster?</h2><p>I love it when a big odds winner comes in. I've been called "a bit of a crazy bettor" because of my selections and, I'll admit, they do sometimes seem a bit "out there". They do pay off though. I remember backing Watford on two occasions at odds of 5.0 and having them come in. I also had a double earlier this season that was just at stupid odds (29.5) and it came in. I also remember laying Swansea against Liverpool during my BetAdvisor days and that came in as a nice winner. It's often the ones I get the most stick for, that then go on to win, that give me the most pleasure. When I see someone rip into me on YouTube for backing Watford, before the game is played, I do have a smile to myself and think "we'll see how that one goes".</p><h2>What advice would you give anyone that is keen to get into betting on football?</h2><p>Betting on any sport shouldn't be taken lightly. I won and lost money in my early days, but as I didn't have a handle on my emotions - I was young - I'd often end up chasing bets and also getting carried away at potential new revenue sources before I had really done all the checks I should have. I've been using my own system for more than three years now and it's backtested another 10, so I'm confident that it works long-term.</p><p>If people want to get started, I would say that they should get together a pot of money they can afford to lose and then do their best not to lose it. Learn about how you can recognise your emotional state and know when to walk away. If you struggle with that, look into something like NLP and see how it can benefit you.</p><p>Overall though, bet with value, bet with a clear head and never, ever chase a loss.</p>
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