Mexican GP Betting: Don’t miss Hamilton chance

Ed Hawkins

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 3:49 PM UTC

Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018 3:49 PM UTC

The title race is a formality but at inflated odds the Brit is worth a gamble

<p>In hindsight perhaps we should have seen Lewis Hamilton’s failure in the US Grand Prix coming. All the pre-race talk from Mercedes was that the title race wasn’t over yet and there was plenty of issues to resolve.</p><p>And so it proved. Rather than an attempt to take the pressure of Hamilton – jeez, he revels in it after all – it was a genuine warning which got lost in the chatter and sport commentators’ obsession for mind games, trying to find hidden meaning. Instead it was plain speaking.</p><p>Hamilton really struggled. Mercedes really struggled. Perhaps we should learn to take what these folks say at face value. “It was definitely a lesson learnt, and we will go back to the drawing board,” said Hamilton. “Performance-wise it wasn’t our greatest weekend.”</p><p>It had started so well for the Briton. He had purred into pole and it appeared the race would be a victory lap. But on the first corner Kimi Raikkonen was in front and things started to unravel. Raikkonen went on to win his first race since 2013.</p><p>The result is that Hamilton is now second-favourite for victory at The Mexican Grand Prix on Sunday. He is 2/1 with <a href=";a=32b59d0e-2bfb-43ac-987d-fd24429abae0&amp;f=2" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Place your bets with Betfair">Betfair Sportsbook</a>. An overreaction? To the man, yes. To the machine? Maybe not.</p><p>This circuit is not going to suit the Mercedes team which, bizarrely, now seems to be struggling for pace. Their strategy on tyre usage has also been called into question.</p><p>Sebastian Vettel is the race favourite at no better than 13/8 <a href=";a=e605009c-af6d-4596-a06f-dbd28d37b12f&amp;f=2" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Get in the game with Bet365">with Bet365</a>. He has been buoyed by Ferrari’s performance in the US. It was the fastest car since the Italian Grand Prix in September. Although that has come too late to suggest a last-gasp drama in the title race – a solitary seventh-place from the last three wins it for Hamilton – their fanatical followers will be saying ‘that’s more like it’.</p><p>The problem with betting Vettel at the odds is the consistent mistakes he and his team have made throughout the season. It might sound be harsh to call them incompetent but when we’re talking skinny odds and money down it is fair.</p><p>The German made two mistakes in the US. He received a penalty and got pegged back on the first lap for the third time in the last five outings. Sorry, but we can’t countenance backing a favourite who is regularly making race-defining errors.</p><p>We’re much happier to be on Hamilton at inflated odds. Sure, we may be siding with man over machine. But that’s fine. Hamilton has pulled Mercedes up by their boot straps this term.</p>
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